Unblock Banned Sites Iraq

How to Unblock banned sites in Iraq

iPhone 4 and 5 are the new trend in Iraq nowadays. Everyone who loves a good smart phone is carrying an iPhone with him. But, there is a problem in Iraq; social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are blocked here. People using not only an iPhone, but Android phones, PC’s, Mac are unable to use these websites. These people are always looking for ways to bypass the blockage because opening these popular sites is important for them. Socializing is a need for every individual, and everyone wants to be part of it. It is therefore necessary for the users of iPhone 4 and 5 to get access.

A great way for opening these blocked websites is Wasel pro. It is the leading VPN used in Iraq and is suitable for opening any blocked site. What it does is that it changes the IP address of the user. An IP address is the identity of the user and by changing it there is no other way to trace it back to the user. This VPN server does not require for then iPhone to be rooted and can very easily be downloaded from iTunes.


unblock banned sites
Other VPN’s for iPhone users are ‘VPN direct, VPN blitz and Surf easy VPN. Although all of these VPN’s are well-known when it comes to opening blocked site, but none of them work as better as Wasel pro does. VPN direct offers a 30 day trail period and has good customer support to help out the users. VPN blitz installs in just a few seconds, but sometimes the problem of slow browsing arises. Surf easy VPN is designed for speed and reliability and has unlimited data protection.

Wasel pro offers users’ trial VPN. With this trial, the user has a chance to check out the software before subscribing to any package. This trial is for an unlimited period and can be used for ten minutes daily. This is a great way to give users a glimpse of what this VPN has to offer. Furthermore, it has an excellent customer support which is available 24/7. The staff is very cooperative and fast to respond to any queries. They also speak both Arabic and English fluently. The user gets a very detailed response to any inquiry in just a few seconds. While using this VPN, a user never faces the problem of slow browsing and no unwanted pop ups appear on the screen.

Best vPN for Iraq iWASEL VPN Download iWASEL VPN to unblock all banned sites
By using this VPN service, the user has an advantage of browsing the internet totally secured. The connection established between the user and Wasel pro servers is highly encrypted and secure. Not only will it remain hidden from the Government, but hackers and data sniffers will have no way to reach your device. Plus, as soon as payment is made, the users VPN account is instantly activated. It also has a wide range of payment methods to make the process of paying convenient for the users. Wasel pro has unlimited advantages and benefits and they are always looking for ways to make its use easy and convenient for their users. It is defiantly worth buying.

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